“Some lovely words from our guests”

“We travel frequently and extensively. Very often our girls would have little impression or ‘muddled’ memories of the places they have visited or the hotels they have stayed in. However, their experience at ‘Settlers Rest’ is so uniquely wonderful that we are very sure they would remember the place, the animals and of course your family for a long time to come. We, as parents, are very grateful to have found a new “best favourite” vacation spot for the girls. You have displayed Disneyland. Well Done!”
Family from Singapore

“This place is fantastic! The cottage is so lovely and comfortable. You have everything that we need here. The experience here is much ‘more than’ what we expected. We caught 7 fishes at your private jetty and the river view is amazing! Best view in the evening during and before the sunset.”
Couple from Singapore

The change from the city life in Singapore to the farm life here at Settlers Rest is truly one of the most memorable we have had. It is not like visiting a zoo, where all the animals are caged, and you can’t go near. At this wonderful place, we got to experience farm animals who have been lovingly and diligently tamed, such that we can go near and get to know them. Thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness. Thank you for introducing us so cordially to this farm and its animals. You treated us as if we were your neighbours, and greatly helped us to enjoy our stay here. We would definitely wish to come back and be here, but until then, we want to say a million thanks to Ron, Corinne, Caris and Brittany.
Family from Singapore

There are so many things to do!! From feeding goats to fishing at the river, we’ve made enjoyable memories that we can’t forget! Our stay was so great we would suggest to our friends in Singapore. Thank you Farmer Ron and family including the animals for making our stay not just great but a memory we can hold on to for ages. We will definitely be back.
Family from Singapore

Thank you very much. It’s a cosy and lovely house. We had an awesome time. It’s a fantastic experience getting close to and feeding the animals, not only for the children but for the adults as well.
Family from Singapore

How I wish I can stay here longer!! I’ve enjoyed myself here (yes, I am 18 and I still enjoy feeding the animals) and I’ll never forget how silly the goats are sticking their heads out from the fence whenever they see us. Beautiful farm, beautiful house. These few days have been amazing . A wonderful experience for people who live in the city like us!
Family from Singapore 

Dearest Settlers Rest Family, The farm has been a blissful paradise for all the animal lovers in our family.  It’s purely magical to see our furry and feathered friends living in harmony in a peaceful sanctuary they can call home.  Heartiest thanks for all your warm hospitality.  Family from Singapore

Settlers Rest featured in Jetstar Asia magazine

Read our write-up in Jetstar Asia magazine (click image to view):Settlers Rest - Jetstar Asia magazine article

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